Disinfecting Services

Maintain a Pristine and Hygienic Ambiance

Kleaner Homes 2 Go LLC is dedicated to ensuring that every household we service enjoys a clean and germ-free environment. Your well-being is paramount, and you shouldn’t be burdened by concerns of harmful germs lurking in your space. Our long-standing experience equips us with the expertise to proficiently disinfect your home. Our skilled cleaners employ innovative techniques, ensuring every inch of your home gets thorough attention.

Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services

  • Whole Home Disinfecting System

  • Sanitizing beds, couches and chairs

  • Sanitizing and disinfecting of all table tops and other sitting areas

  • Sanitizing of ALL touch points in the home

In each session, we prioritize frequently touched areas in your home, ensuring they remain sanitized and safe. This commitment provides you with both saved time and peace of mind, knowing that potential pathogens on surfaces are effectively dealt with. Our rigorous safety and cleaning standards have evolved from years of shared industry knowledge. With Kleaner Homes 2 Go LLC, be confident that your home benefits from cleaning practices rooted in deep experience.

Certain circumstances might demand a heightened disinfection approach, be it anticipating guests, during flu seasons, or even in the face of widespread health concerns. In such cases, we amplify our focus on disinfection, especially on surfaces that see a lot of interaction throughout the day. This approach is a proactive measure to curtail the spread of pathogens where they are most likely to be.Our advanced disinfection services utilize premier products, comparable to those adopted by industry and hospitals. This is an assurance of a thorough and efficient disinfection regimen, centered around high-contact points in your home.


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