Customized Cleaning Services

Fully Customized Cleaning by Kleaner Homes 2 Go LLC

At Kleaner Homes 2 Go LLC, we understand that every home has its unique narrative and rhythm. Recognizing the individuality each home possesses, we’ve crafted a cleaning experience that isn’t just about ticking boxes, but about personalization and precision.

Our fully customizable cleaning service stems from the idea that your home should be cleaned exactly how you envision it. Unlike the traditional approach where services are set in stone, we want to hear from you. From focusing on the often-neglected corners of your living room to giving extra attention to your kitchen counters, the choice is entirely yours.

Custom Home Cleaning

Contact us to create your very own home cleaning services:

  • Add or subtract rooms and services

  • Additional service options

  • Clean and sanitizing inside the oven

  • Clean and sanitizing inside the refridgerator

  • Clean windows and window sills

  • Dishes

When you opt for this service, we start with an in-depth conversation. We seek to understand what areas of your home mean the most to you, which spaces need more attention, and which ones require a gentle touch. It's essential for us to grasp your vision, to ensure that every sweep, wipe, and scrub is in line with what you had imagined.This conversation-driven approach allows us to offer a cleaning experience that resonates deeply with our customers. It ensures that we focus on the areas you believe are crucial, using the products you trust, and employing techniques that you approve of.Our customizable service is not just about cleaning; it's about building a relationship, understanding your space, and ensuring that every cleaning session by Kleaner Homes 2 Go LLC feels like it's tailor-made just for you.


Let Kleaner Homes 2 Go LLC give you a cleaning that you can see, smell, touch and feel


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